The MTI Bench Valve Spring Compressor  is designed to remove today's high pressure valve springs.  The pneumatic valve spring compressor is capable of developing well over 1000 lbs. of force regardless of the air supply pressure.  This tool was designed and tested in the extreme conditions of professional racing and is ideal for the high volume assembly of the automotive machining industry.  The MTI valve spring compressor is the fastest and most efficient way to get the job done.  There is a maximum 8 1/4" clearance, with 2" of adjustment.  Works on most applications.  Available with 1.600 or 1.750 retainer receiver end.

The MTI On Engine Valve Spring Compressor is the same pneumatic tool as the bench model but designed for use on an assembled engine.  This tool combines all the benefits of the original compressor with the convenience of not having to remove the cylinder heads, making it ideal for applications in which springs need to be changed quickly on the engine.  Simple cup installation prior to initial use is all that is needed for operation of this tool.  Available in 1.650 and 1.750 cup sizes.
On-Engine VSC                          $ 1095.00
Additional  cups                                 $     12.00                                                                      
Conversion kit, Bench to On-engine
or On-engine to Bench                     $  325.00                                                                              
Bench Model VSC              $ 995.00
Additional retainer receiver ends    $   70.00